There are several tutorials available that showcase how to use the FORCE.

Level Module Tutorial Learning Objective
Essential   The Datacube How to handle cubed data
Lower Level L1AS Level 1 Cloud Storage Downloader How to download Landsat and Sentinel-2 Level-1 data from cloud services
Sentinel-2 Level 1C How to download and manage Sentinel-2 Level 1C data from the ESA hub
L2PS Level 2 ARD How to generate Analysis Ready Data
Coregistration How to coregister Sentinel-2 with Landsat
Quality Assurance Information! How to deal with the Level 2 quality masks
Digital Elevation Model How to prepare a DEM for Level 2 Processing
WVDB Water Vapor Database How to prepare the Water Vapor Database for Level 2 Processing
Higher Level HLPS Time Series Interpolation How to interpolate and animate time series
Spectral Temporal Metrics How to aggregate time series
Processing Masks Speed up Higher Level Processing using masks