Lower LevelΒΆ

Table 1. Components.

Module Program Level Short description
L1AS The FORCE Level 1 Archiving Suite is intended to assist in organizing and maintaining a clean and consistent Level 1 data pool, downloading of Sentinel-2 data, and maintaining file queues
force-level1-csd 1 Download of data from cloud storage, and maintenance of Level-1 data pool, works with Landsat and Sentinel-2
force-level1-landsat 1 Maintenance of Level-1 data pool, Landsat (deprecated, consider using force-level1-csd)
force-level1-sentinel2 1 Download of data and maintenance of Level-1 data pool, Sentinel-2 (deprecated, consider using force-level1-csd)
L2PS The FORCE Level 2 Processing System is intended to generate Analysis Ready Data (ARD), i.e. harmonized, standardized and radiometrically consistent Level 2 products. This includes cloud and cloud shadow detection, radiometric correction and data cubing
force-level2 2 Level 2 processing of image archives
force-l2ps_ 2 Wrapper for Level 2 processing of single image (bridge between archive and single image processing)
force-l2ps 2 Level 2 processing of single image
WVDB The FORCE Water Vapor Database component can be used to generate and maintain a water vapor database used for atmospheric correction of Landsat data
force-lut-modis / Generation and maintenance of water vapor database using MODIS products