Table 1. Components.

Module Program Level Short description
AUX force / Print version, short disclaimer, available modules etc.
force-parameter / Generation of parameter files
force-train / Training (and validation) of Machine Learning models
force-qai-inflate / Inflate QAI bit layers
force-tile-finder / Find the tile, pixel, and chunk of a given coordinate
force-tabulate-grid / Extract the processing grid as shapefile
force-cube / ngestion of auxiliary data into datacube format
force-pyramid / Generation of image pyramids
force-mosaic / Mosaicking of image chips

The FORCE Auxiliary Functionality (FORCE AUX) component is intended to provide small helper programs for specific purposes, e.g. the location of coordinates.

A glimpse of what you get:

Fig. 11. ARD processing grid. This figure shows a Google Earth screenshot with ARD grid overlay. The grid cells are 30 x 30km in EPSG:3035. [The grid was generated using force-tabulate-grid]