Citation and Acknowledgement

Proper acknowledgement, and the citation of the scientific publications are kindly requested. Co-authorship of scientific articles should be offered in case I provide substantial help in setting up, modifying or running the software, or if the generated data are an integral part of your research.

Please address questions to David Frantz, Humboldt-University Berlin (

I will try my best to answer your query within a reasonable amount of time. However, please note that I cannot guarantee user support or an immediate answer, as this is not part of my full-time job.

For inquiries about the installation, please refer to the Installation section first; and if unsuccessful ask your administrator to set up the software before making contact. Inquiries about porting the code to non-supported operating systems, requesting a GUI, or similar requests will be ignored.

Please read this user guide, as well as the scientific publications thoroughly before making any inquiries.