FORCE Level 1 CSD only provide Sentinel-2 and Landsat Collection 1 data. For downloading of Landsat Collection 2 data use force-level1-landsat.

FORCE can download Landsat and Sentinel-2 data from cloud storage providers (currently Google Cloud Storage).

force-level1-csd allows to search for image acquisitions that precisely match the user’s requirements, manages data pool, and prepares/updates the file queue required for level 2 procesing.


If you need to bypass force-level1-csd, it is recommended to store the images in a consistent data pool without duplicates. You will need to prepare a File queue.



Before you start: The metadata catalogues need to be downloaded prior to the first run and downloading Sentinel-2 data requires authentication. See the Level 1 Cloud Storage Downloader tutorial for more information on properly setting up force-level1-csd.

force-level1-csd requires four mandatory arguments to be specified. Several optional arguments can be used to further refine the search.

Usage: force-level1-csd [optional arguments] metadata-dir level-1-datapool queue aoi
  • metadata-dir

    The directory where the metadata catalogues (csv files) are stored.
    They need to be downloaded before the first use and should be updated regularly.
  • level-1-datapool

    All downloaded files are stored in the data pool, which should be an existing directory.
    Scenes will not be downloaded if they already exist in this folder.
  • queue

    Downloaded files are appended to a file queue, which is needed for the Level 2 processing.
    The file doesn’t need to exist.
    If it does exist, new lines will be appended on successful ingestion.
    This queue is needed for Level 2 processing.
    All images with QUEUED status will be processed, then set to DONE.
  • area of interest

    The area that data should be downloaded for. It can be defined in three different ways
    (1) user-supplied coordinates of your study area:
    The polygon must be closed (first X/Y = last X/Y). X/Y must be given as
    decimal degrees with negative values for West and South coordinates.
    Either specify the path to a file, or the coordinates on the command line.
    If in a file, provide one coordinate per line.
    If on the command line, provide a comma separated list.
    (2) a shapefile (point/polygon/line). On-the-fly reprojection is provided,
    but using EPSG4326 is recommended.
    (3) scene identifier:
    Landsat: Path/Row as PPPRRR. Make sure to keep leading zeros:
    correct: 181034, incorrect: 18134
    Sentinel-2: MGRS tile as TXXXXX. Make sure to keep the leading T
    before the MGRS tile number.
    You can either give the path to a file, or give the IDs on the command line.
    If in a file, provide one ID per line.
    If on the command line, provide a comma separated list.

Running the search without any optional parameters will return all Landsat and Sentinel-2 scenes for the specified aoi. To narrow down the search results, use the following parameters.

  • -c | --cloudcover
    The cloud cover range must be specified in %
    Default: 0,100
  • -d | --daterange
    Dates must be given in the following format: YYYYMMDD,YYYYMMDD
    Default: 19700101,today
  • -s | --sensor
    Sensors to include in the query, comma-separated.
    Valid sensors:
    LT04 - Landsat 4 TM
    LT05 - Landsat 5 TM
    LE07 - Landsat 7 ETM+
    LC08 - Landsat 8 OLI
    S2A - Sentinel-2A MSI
    S2B - Sentinel-2B MSI
    Default: LT04,LT05,LE07,LC08,S2A,S2B
  • -t | --tier
    Landsat collection tier level. Valid tiers: T1,T2,RT
    Default: T1

The remaining optional arguments are used to perform a search without actually downloading data, store the metadata of search results, and download / update the metadata catalogues.

  • -n | --no-act
    Will trigger a dry run that will only return the number of images
    and their total data volume
  • -k | --keep-meta
    Will write the results of the query to the level 1 datapool directory.
    Two files will be created if Landsat and Sentinel-2 data is queried
    at the same time. Filename: csd_metadata_[satellite]_YYYY-MM-DDTHH-MM-SS
    [satellite] refers to either Landsat or Sentinel-2.
  • -l | --logs
    Check for FORCE Level-2 log files and remove any products from the search
    that have been processed previously. Note that this only checks for the
    presence of log files, not for actual Level-2 products.
  • -u | --update
    Will create or the metadata catalogue (download and extract from GCS)
    If this option is used, only one mandatory argument is expected (metadata-dir).
    Use the -s option to only update Landsat or Sentinel-2 metadata.


The mandatory arguments are positional! They need to be provided in this exact order. The optional arguments can be placed anywhere and may also be combined. For example, -n -k -c 0,70 could also be written as -nkc 0,70. When values are passed to the optional arguments (cloud cover, date range, sensor, or tier), these must be separated by commas , and must not contain whitespace.

See also

To learn more about FORCE Level 1 CSD, check the Level 1 Cloud Storage Downloader tutorial. It covers the set up, usage, and provides some more general information.