Level 2 Processing System

The FORCE Level 2 Processing System (FORCE L2PS) generates harmonized, standardized, geometrically and radiometrically consistent Level 2 products with per-pixel quality information, i.e. Analysis Ready Data (ARD).

For a description of the method, please refer to the Publications, especially

L2PS pulls each enqueued Level 1 image and processes it to ARD specification. This includes cloud and cloud shadow detection, potentially co-registration, radiometric correction and data cubing.

Each image (box in Figure 1) is processed independently using multiprocessing and optionally multithreading. The pipeline is memory resident to minimize input/output (I/O), i.e. input data are read once, and only the final, gridded data products are written to disc. The data generated with this module are the main input for the Higher Level component.


Figure 1. FORCE Level 2 Processing System (L2PS) workflow.

FORCE L2PS consists of two main executables:

  • for the majority of users, it is recommended to use force-level2.

  • some expert users may want to use force-core directly.

A glimpse of what you get:


Figure 2. Data Cube of Landsat 7/8 and Sentinel-2 A/B Level 2 ARD. A two-month period of atmospherically corrected imagery acquired over South-East Berlin, Germany, is shown here.