force-level1-landsat offers a simple command line interface to communicate with the USGS/EROS machine-to-machine API. The tool can be used to search for Landsat Collection 2 Level 1 product bundles, create download links for the results and/or directly download the data.


User credentials to log in to the USGS EarthExplorer interface are required. Your user account needs to have access to the machine-to-machine API, which can be requested through the user profile page here.

aria2 is required to download product bundles. You can still create links and download them manually if aria2 is not available. Also see Dependencies


There are two subprogams, search and download:
search can be used to search the Landsat archive, generate download links, and also download the product bundles right away.
download can be used to download product bundles for which a list of download links was generated using search before.

force-level1-landsat download

force-level1-landsat download
usage: force-level1-landsat download [-h] [-q QUEUE_FILE] url_file output_dir
  • url-file
    Path to the file containing the download links.
  • output-dir
    The directory where the product bundles will be stored.
  • -q | --queue-file
    Path to FORCE queue file. Downloaded product bundle file paths will be appended to the queue.
force-level1-landsat download ~/urls_landsat_TM_ETM_OLI_20221001T174038.txt ~/level-1

Loading urls from ~/urls_landsat_TM_ETM_OLI_20221001T174038.txt

6 of 116 product bundles found in filesystem, 110 left to download.

Downloading: 5%|===>                                    | 6/110 [08:36<2:29:13, 100.97s/product bundle/s]


The output directory will be checked recursively (i.e. including all subfolders) for existing product bundles and download URLs are only created for product bundles that were not found in the filesystem. All directories, .tar files, and .tar.gz files that match the Landsat Collections Level-1 naming convention are considered. Partial downloads (product bundles that are accompanied by .aria2 files) will be continued.