force-procmask generates processing masks from raster images with continuous values.


force-procmask [-s] [-l] [-d] [-o] [-b] [-j] input-basename calc-expr

-s = pixel resolution of cubed data, defaults to 10
-l = input-layer: band number in case of multi-band input rasters,
     defaults to 1
-d = input directory: the datacube directory
     defaults to current directory
     'datacube-definition.prj' needs to exist in there
-o = output directory: the directory where you want to store the cubes
     defaults to current directory
-b = basename of output file (without extension)
     defaults to the basename of the input-file,
     appended by '_procmask'
-j = number of jobs, defaults to 'as many as possible'

Positional arguments:
- input-basename: basename of input data
- calc-expr: Calculation in gdalnumeric syntax, e.g. 'A>2500'"
          The input variable is 'A'
          For details about GDAL expressions, see